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We offer exclusively contracted hotels for sale and rent, but most of our listings are not public. We will be pleased to present you the complete offer. Here is just a few information. We offer hotels all over the Czech Republic.

Contact us today. Přemysl Novák, mobile phone +420 608 250 496, is more than happy to speak to the investors & buyers.

3* wellness hotel

  • approx. 25 rooms
  • approx. 70 seats in restaurant
  • summer terrace
  • new extensive spa
  • usable area 2,000 m²
  • land plots approx. 17,000 m²
  • in excellent condition

with extensive land

  • approx. 15 rooms
  • restaurant
  • parking
  • usable area 1,000 m²
  • land plots over 100,000 m²
  • potential for development
  • great condition

4* hotel
Moravia Region next to SKI areas

  • wellness
  • 6 saunas
  • massages and Whirlpool
  • Approx. 45 rooms
  • Approx. 100 seats in restaurant
  • summer terrace
  • usable area 3.500 m²
  • parking, indoor swimming pool

4* hotel
South Bohemia Region

  • 28 rooms
  • 178 seats – restaurant
  • breakfast room
  • summer terrace and wine cellar
  • 4 meeting rooms
  • 3 saunas
  • 2 whirlpools
  • hot tub

Who we are.

We are a professional consultancy and advisory company in the field of hospitality, restaurant/gastro and conference services.

We specialise in mediating the sale of hotels and restaurants.

We have over twenty years of personal experience in the hotel industry, restaurant management and investment in hotels and restaurants in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in the world.

Our mission.

We help entrepreneurs in the hotel and restaurant industry.

We are reliable, trustworthy and experienced professionals.

We are making the world better through earnest and honest work and our engagement in NGOs.

We speak several languages and monitor trends around the world.

What we do.

We mediate the sale of hotels.

We help clients buy hotels.

We plan and design new hotels.

We provide hoteliers with advice on how to increase revenues and reduce costs.

We sell franchises in some of the world’s hotel chains.


We cooperate with Synergy Hotel Consultants.


Take a look at some of the successful projects that are the result of our work.

“As a hotel owner, I am very happy with JAN Hospitality in terms of their customer-approach, experience, and especially their expert knowledge of specific issues relating to the operation and lease of hotels. You can tell Václav Hříbal has practical experience, understands hotels, and that he enjoys his work.”

JUDr. Václav Růžička, hotel owner

“It’s obvious that Jan Adámek and Vaclav Hříbal understand their work and have done it for many years. Their view of the hotel business helped us greatly.”

Pavlína Tarabová, hotel owner

“Jan Adámek and Václav Hříbal realised a consultation project for us, the result of which surpassed my expectations. The whole course of cooperation was very congenial. They both have extensive experience and, what’s more important, they know how to pass it on effectively.”

Ing. Libor Daněk, hotel co-owner


We love the world of hotels. Take a look inside with us.


JAN Hospitality – company profile

Presentation of JAN Hospitality by its Managing Director, Jan Adámek.


Tourism is doing well in the Czech Republic. Why is that?

Two years ago I was in Znojmo in July. Local hoteliers lamented that the city was empty, half the hotels closed and tourists were nowhere in sight. We then talked for a while about how to improve occupancy.


How did JAN Hospitality originate

The hotel industry is a fascinating field. I never thought I’d be working in the hotel industry. Actually, I always wanted to be a botanist, but an aggressive professor of biology at secondary school put me off studying flora. After graduation, I went to the Tyrkys School of Tourism, where I got my first taste of this industry. At first I was attracted to guided tours of Prague, but I didn’t get the chance in the end. At the University of Economics, I became more concerned with management and marketing.

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Our team

We have different specializations, but together we are a strong team. At your service.

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We are certified experts in hotel valuation field with more than 20 years of working experience in hospitality.

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