How did JAN Hospitality originate

My story

According to company founder, Jana Adámek.

The hotel industry is a fascinating field. I never thought I’d be working in the hotel industry. Actually, I always wanted to be a botanist, but an aggressive professor of biology at secondary school put me off studying flora. After graduation, I went to the Tyrkys School of Tourism, where I got my first taste of this industry. At first I was attracted to guided tours of Prague, but I didn’t get the chance in the end. At the University of Economics, I became more concerned with management and marketing.

I then worked at several companies, the last of which bought a hotel in the centre of Prague. My task was to oversee the owner’s investment and hotel profitability. I soon learned what a wonderful job hotel management was. I left to train in Great Britain, where I shadowed the manager of several Mamaison hotels, Roberto Varsalona.

Roberto taught me the basics of hotel management. Part of my internship was a stint in all positions and all departments, so I collected dirty laundry from rooms, helped technicians, received and handled reservations, calculated the price of accommodation and lunch specials in the restaurant. After returning to Prague, I became the manager of 5* Hotel Jalta on Wenceslas Square. I worked in that position for six years.

Everyone who has worked in services knows that the most important thing is people. Colleagues, co-workers, staff. I was lucky to have a team of great people. Because Hotel Jalta did really well, I participated in dozens of hotel acquisitions in Prague and abroad. I gained an insight into the different types of hotels, international chains and small private hotels and, most importantly, different ways of managing hotels. I made a real mess of one hotel restaurant, so I learned what a restaurant means to a hotel and why to have one or not.

In 2010, I left my position as hotel manager and established my own company, JAN Hospitality. I knew I could do the main job, which was to help hoteliers increase revenues and reduce costs. I knew how to sell a hotel, I knew how to buy a hotel. That was my experience. Along with JAN Hospitality, I opened a real estate agency JAN Reality. Thanks to this, I suddenly saw a lot of amateurs running around on the real estate market trying to sell just about any hotel with a view to earning a large commission. However, it can’t be done like that. A hotel is not a house, you have to do it differently.

Over time, our team at JAN Hospitality was strengthened by experienced trader, long-time hotelier and expert in American hotel chains, Václav Hříbal. In addition to him, the JAN Hospitality team today includes marketing miracle expert Nikola Brabcová and analyst Lucie Čížková.

We have a good few years of work under our belt for hundreds of clients, large multinational groups, as well as hotel owners in smaller towns. We are delighted that hoteliers seek us out on the recommendation of colleagues in the field.

This job is worth it. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!