Jitka Pondělíková

Jitka Pondělíková, once a café owner, has been selling and letting flats in Prague for six years now. She does absolutely everything she can for her clients and is always at their disposal. You can be sure that she approaches her work in a good mood and with a smile on her face. You would be hard put to find a kinder person more receptive to the needs of others. Jitka even reconstructed an entire flat in the heart of Prague (in Nekázanka Street) for a client living abroad, even going so far as to organise the bathroom and all furnishings herself. Jitka feels right at home in the kitchen as cooking is her big hobby. She and her family recently moved to a new flat. Jitka may not look it, but she is the proud grandmother of their grandson Tobias and she spend all her free time with him.

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