Stanislava Bártková

Stanislava is a new member of the Jan Hospitality team. She belongs to the group of people that are called ‘hoteliers from A to Z’. During her long, 32-year hotel career, she has worked in just about all areas of the hotel business. Her flair for business has pre-destined her for the position of sales and marketing director of a company that owns luxury hotels not only in the very centre of Prague, but also in touristic locations in the regions.  She now applies her experience in this field to hotel sales, leases and franchises. She is very pro-client oriented, communicative, friendly and very responsible.

Stanislava is a member of several professional associations, where she follows news in the hotel field. She travels frequently and enjoys visiting her daughter in Bremen, Germany. She enjoys dancing, photography, cycling in the south of Bohemia and, thanks to her son, is a big fan of rowing.

Stanislava speaks fluent English, German and Russian.

Motto: “The secret to moving on is to start.” Mark Twain