Přemysl Novák

Přemek studied at the University of Vienna, his major field of studies was Sports Management. After completing the Bachelors degree, Premek stayed in Vienna to live and work there. He started his career at FITINN. He grew alongside the company, started as a receptionist at one of the Fitness studios in Vienna and later became a Studio Manager. As part of the company expansion, he was promoted to the Country Manager role in the Czech Republic where he opened 3 brand new studios. By joing JAN Hospitality, Přemek can utilize his experience from international expansion and his focus will be Sales and Business Development in the Hotel division. Premek is a fluent German speaker. He is married with two children, he spends most of his free time with his family. If some time remains, he enjoys jogging, biking and tennis. He originally comes from South Moravia, so he inherently likes good and quality wine.