Who we are

We are a professional consultancy and advisory company in the field of hospitality, restaurant/gastro and conference services.

We specialise in mediating the sale of hotels and restaurants.

We have over twenty years of personal experience in the hotel industry, restaurant management and investment in hotels and restaurants in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in the world.

We know the hotel operations. We have learned first-hand how to increase revenues, look for the right employees, reduce costs and choose the right marketing plan.

We have a contract with all our clients, so they know what they can expect from us. That gives us a mandate to act on their behalf.

Twenty years of involvement in an Indian-scouting division, taught the company’s owner Jan Adámek to appreciate wisdom, truth, honesty and fairness. He incorporated these attributes into JAN Hospitality.

Every year we take part in conferences and trainings so that we know the latest trends. We also learn abroad, we’ve seen hotels operated exclusively by robots, cell phones used instead of room keys and other futuristic experiments.

We have analysed over 58 Prague hotels, 51 hotels outside Prague and 37 restaurants. These numbers are rising every month. We have planned and designed several hotels from a luxury 5* hotel in the centre of Prague through several congress hotels to a large hotel with sports facilities outside the Czech Republic.

The most exotic hotel we analysed was a 4* hotel with 750 rooms in Dalian, East China.

Our mission

We help entrepreneurs in the hotel and restaurant industry.

We are reliable, trustworthy and experienced professionals.

We are making the world better through earnest and honest work and our engagement in NGOs.

We speak several languages and monitor trends around the world.

We love our work, it’s fun and a form of self-realisation for us.

The most wonderful thing is that we get most of our business on recommendation from satisfied clients.

We are hardworking.

We appreciate our clients. We appreciate our staff and co-workers.

We are always learning new things.

What we do

We mediate the sale of hotels.

We help clients buy hotels.

We plan and design new hotels.

We provide hoteliers with advice on how to increase revenues and reduce costs.

We sell franchises in some of the world’s hotel chains.

We prepare reports, budgets, and forecasts in the hotel and restaurant (F&B) sector for investors.

We estimate hotel and restaurant market values.

We mediate the sale of restaurants and bars.

We provide restauranteurs with advice on how to reduce costs and increase revenues.

We help all clients obtain good financing terms.

Contact us

Would you like to ask something? Don’t hesitate to call or write to us.

JAN Hospitality
Václavské náměstí 43
110 00, Praha 1

+420 608 300 600